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Colossus Marketplace delivers high quality solar leads for your sales team.

We provide real-time solar inquiries to residential solar providers across the nation.

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We generate traffic + high-quality leads through our owned and operated proprietary websites and landing pages.

We also work with partners to provide access to the best quality solar leads.

Get real-time solar inquiries that drive results:

High Partner Satisfaction Rate

The vast majority of our partners renew based on their results.

$2,500 Ave Customer Acq. Cost

Marketplace leads often lower customer acquisition costs below $2.5k

60-65% Contact Rate

Our higher-than-average contact rate means you will connect with quality leads to close more deals and boost your ROI

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Feedback Loops: How they Improve Solar Lead Profitability

We know that not all solar leads are created equal. They can vary by geographic targets, lead source, and even where they are in the buying process. But how do you identify the most profitable leads... For example, let’s say you dig into your contact rate and notice your appointment set rate is low (under 15%). Your marketing partner can then take a look at your lead source ratio and customize for...

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Solar Leads

It’s a great time to go solar and a great time to work in solar. But even with new government support for renewable energy and promising early adoption by consumers, it’s important to keep in mind... Alignment with shifting... This requires some sophistication and technology to take a more targeted approach along with a strategic shift in messaging that considers nuanced and segmented consumer... And as if that’s not enough to throw at you, there are also increasingly strict regulations for consumer marketing – including evolving telemarketing laws that can be costly if for anyone not...

Protect Your Business by Documenting Consent to Contact Solar Leads

With the biggest climate package in U.S. history set to boost consumer demand for rooftop solar, more homeowners will be interested in claiming tax credits and rebates to achieve energy efficiency...

Tips for Growing Residential Solar Sales

The U.S. climate bill aims to change how Americans power their homes, offering significant incentives to reduce consumer costs for clean energy. Residential solar incentives included in Inflation...