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Colossus Marketplace delivers high quality solar leads for your sales team.

We provide real-time solar inquiries to residential solar providers across the nation.

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We generate traffic + high-quality leads through our owned and operated proprietary websites and landing pages.

We also work with partners to provide access to the best quality solar leads.

Get real-time solar inquiries that drive results:


Partner satisfaction rate. The vast majority of our partners renew based on their results.


Average customer acquisition cost. Marketplace leads often lower customer acquisition costs below $2.5k


Contact rate. Our higher-than-average contact rate means you will connect with quality leads to close more deals and boost you ROI

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With growing consumer demand and a steady drop in hardware costs, the solar industry has seen significant growth. But there are many challenges ahead for solar businesses including increasing soft... When we talk about solar energy soft costs, we are referring to the non-hardware costs associated with solar sales and installation. This includes financing, siting, permitting, installation, and... Invest in Optimizing Your Sales Process Solar companies looking to scale their business might also consider using a powerful predictive dialer to help scale their solar business efficiently. This...