Selling Solar

Selling Solar

April 27, 2022

5 Reasons to Partner with Colossus to Grow Your Solar Sales

As the residential solar industry continues to grow, Colossus works alongside enterprise solar companies to provide qualified solar leads and strategic support to help businesses grow.

The solar + storage market is growing at a tremendous pace and solar companies are faced with many challenges including rising customer acquisition costs and fierce competition. To support this rapidly evolving industry, Colossus Marketplace delivers real-time web leads to help businesses sell more solar.

When contemplating if you should contact us to discuss your solar business needs, take a look at the top 5 reasons our partners choose to work with us:

1 | Better outcomes

With less than 7% of eligible households powered by solar, there’s tremendous opportunity and interest in growing renewables. We’re just at the beginning of this “sun rush,” and Colossus has helped top solar companies across the nation reach more customers and lower their soft costs. W

“Colossus has easily been the best lead provider I’ve used in my 9 years in this industry, and I’ve used 15 different companies over that time,” says Eric Larsen, Head of Sales at New Star Solar. “With other companies, I noticed that lead quality could be inconsistent. With Colossus we’re now consistently closing 40% of the leads. We also currently have a higher-than-average sit rate at 70%. That’s 7 out of every 10 prospects that actually connect with us to have a conversation about going solar.”

We also comply with all applicable state and federal telemarketing policies and regulations including Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) laws so when you purchase leads, you can confidently market to consumers and mitigate legal risks.

2 | Industry insight and experience

Solar energy companies are reporting increasing customer acquisition costs even as sales shift to online modes and confidence in the solar industry is at an all-time high. The Colossus executive leadership team is comprised of leading experts across solar, technology, workflow management, and automation. These thought leaders are an ongoing resource for our partners and ready to collaborate around your unique solar sales needs.

Additionally, our dedicated customer success team works closely with our partners to offer customer acquisition solutions and provide strategic support that drives meaningful results. Our team’s expertise and close collaboration allows us to generate outcomes in targeted areas and results across multiple territories.

3 | We are invested in the success of our partners

Colossus is a technology company backed by top investors. We know solar leads are only as dependable as their source. Colossus is a venture-capital backed solar sales enablement company that generates traffic and high-quality leads for enterprise businesses.

And our funding enables us to offer the solar industry best-in-class solutions that are enormous in scale, importance, and impact. To this end, our team has deep expertise in solar sales and can support teams with feedback for optimizing performance. Whether you generate solar leads or buy qualified leads from reputed lead generation companies, improving ROI can be complicated. Understanding successful outbound dialing practices and ways to improve how you use your solar leads is critical to closing more sales.

4 | Proven track record

We maintain consistency in lead volume and quality for solar providers across the nation. Our solar marketplace leads help companies scale their sales and reach more customers. Additionally, we pride ourselves in delivering a higher-than-average sit rate for high-intent leads that help reduce customer acquisition costs.

With our solar marketplace you only pay for leads, with no set-up fees or hidden costs. You can adjust your budget as needed, and we work directly with you to help manage delivery across multiple zips to meet your targets and maximize ROI.

“In under a year, we’ve utilized the help of Colossus to add significant numbers of appointments and sales for our field reps,” says Colleen Butterfield, VP of Customer Acquisition at Sunpro Solar. “We have confidence that our purchased leads will sit, and we’ve been able to uncap our volume to accept more leads and lower our average customer acquisition costs.”

5 | Marketplace solutions built for the solar industry

We’re a company focused on helping businesses grow. And we understand the unique challenges solar sales teams face including a limited pool of eligible prospects and fast-changing regulations. In addition to providing qualified solar leads, we also offer expert consultation to help improve campaign performance to help our partners close more solar deals.

Colossus Marketplace generates traffic and high-quality leads through its owned and operated proprietary websites and landing pages. We also work with partners to provide access to the best quality solar leads via affiliate network partners that are vetted for their ability to drive real time solar inquiries that follow permission-based lead acquisition models.

Colossus is dedicated to helping businesses sell more solar. By matching residential solar providers with the right customers, Colossus helps solar companies grow their sales by delivering real time solar inquiries.

Discover how Colossus can help you with your solar business needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you grow your solar business.