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How it works

Homeowners interested in going solar

request quotes online so they can be matched up with a provider

Colossus screens the

generated for zip codes in your service areas, checking for eligibility criteria

You contact the homeowner

with your proposal and enjoy more opportunities to close with qualified prospects

Reach the Right Prospects

Our proprietary data and software effectively qualifies leads and matches prospects with solar providers. By combining automated and human verification, our lead validation process filters out unwanted leads to find you actual customers. This results in accurate lead data that outperforms other lead sources.


"In under a year, we’ve utilized the help of Colossus to add significant numbers of appointments and sales for our field reps. One of the big differences with Colossus is their ability to screen leads and set the appointments for us, so our sales team has more opportunities to sell and close with the right prospects. The Colossus Promise also gave us confidence knowing that 60% of our purchased leads would sit, and we’ve also been able to uncap our volume to accept more leads and lower our average customer acquisition costs." Colleen Butterfield, VP of Customer Acquisition at Sunpro Solar

We screen the leads for eligibility including:

Single Family Home Ownership



And much more
For the complete list of screening points click here

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Preset Appointments

We generate exclusive leads and set appointments for you. Our lead validation process filters out unwanted leads to connect you with actual customers.

Live Web Leads

We design and manage our own owned and operated websites and landing pages to generate traffic and leads on Facebook, Youtube, and more.

Warm Call Transfers

Connect with highly engaged consumers ready to speak with solar providers like you. Our agents are trained to further qualify prospects.

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