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Tap into the power of our solar marketplace and generate hundreds of high-intent leads for your sales team daily. Get quality, live web leads in the markets you need to fill.

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We work with solar providers across the nation to reduce customer acquisition costs. Try our solar leads for a higher-than-average sit rate. Our proprietary marketing strategies generate high-intent leads that help reduce customer acquisition costs.

Targeted + On Demand

With our solar marketplace you only pay only for leads, with no set-up fees or hidden costs. Adjust your budget as needed, and we will work directly with you to help manage delivery across multiple zips to meet your targets and maximize ROI.

Boost Your Sales

Live web leads purchased from our solar marketplace generate a higher-than-average sit rate. And because those sits lead to higher close-rates, our leads basically pay for themselves.

Purchase with Confidence

Solar leads are only as dependable as their source. Colossus is a venture-capital backed solar sales enablement company that generates traffic and high quality leads for enterprise businesses.

Designed to Meet Your KPIs

Every sales team has different challenges requiring unique solutions, so we are committed to working with our partners to best optimize delivery to meet the performance metrics that mean the most to you.

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Our dedicated customer success team works closely with our partners to offer customer acquisition solutions and provide strategic support that drives meaningful results. This close collaboration allows us to generate outcomes in targeted areas and results across multiple territories.

The Colossus executive leadership team is comprised of leading experts across solar, technology, and workflow management and automation. These thought leaders are an ongoing resource for our partners and ready to collaborate around your unique solar sales needs. Our hands-on approach and combined expertise enables us to understand and meet the needs of your business.

Colossus complies with all applicable state and federal telemarketing policies and regulations including Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) laws so when you purchase leads, you can confidently market to consumers and mitigate legal risks.


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