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Our digital marketplace helps solar businesses grow.

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Get quality leads in the markets you need to fill, with no set-up fees or hidden costs while generating incremental revenue to help you grow your top line.

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Live web leads purchased from our solar marketplace generate a higher-than-average sit rate to help maximize ROI.

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Solar leads are only as dependable as their source. Colossus is a venture-capital backed solar sales enablement company committed to helping our partners grow.

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Every sales team has different challenges requiring unique solutions and we will work directly with you to help manage delivery across multiple zips to meet your

Scale your solar business | Get real-time digital leads

Connect with homeowners sourced from our own proprietary internal marketing efforts.

Access quality lead sources

We own and operate proprietary websites and landing pages to generate traffic and high-quality leads.

We carefully curate our affiliate network, selecting partners that are vetted for their ability to drive real-time solar inquiries.

Our partners own, operate, and control their lead sources, leveraging permission-based lead acquisition models.

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